Formula One World Champions since 1950

Poster: Formula 1 Wall of Champions

Formula One World Champions since 1950I finally completed a little home decorating project; my F1 Wall of Champions.

Every formula one word champion since 1950 proudly displaying their year(s) of victory (Schumacher was a bit of a squeeze!). Stitched together on Photoshop, I had this printed on a large canvas which now graces my living room wall.

If you like this, I updated it to celebrate F1 1000.




4 responses to “Poster: Formula 1 Wall of Champions”

  1. […] F1 reached the historic milestone of 1000 races, I decided it was time to update and redesign my Wall of Champions. Designed back in 2014, the version on my wall now annoys me with how out of date it […]

  2. Fantastic.

  3. Love it. Great Job!

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